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Title: "Sparkles of Light"
original oil on canvas 48x36"
A Light for You- I carry in my soul a light that I look after, even though it is small, it dissipates darkness. Allow me to be that light in your life, that fragrance, that presence and that surrender called Love.

Title: "Real Inspiration"
original oil on canvas 30x24"

What can I do without You? The best harvest of my soul may be, or may not be a treasure but if You were not with me, I would not have a reason to plant, but since You are with me, my greatest joy is to always be the best for You.

Title: "I See You"

original oil on canvas 40x30"

The Treasure -There is an inexhaustible source of happiness and charm that does not judge you but that recognizes, admires and appreciates you. And this is the secret of happiness.

Title: " Innocent Awakening"

original oil on canvas 30x24"


Forever- Give me just a look. Give me just a smile. Give me your attention. Give me now that instant called passion. And I will never ever leave you.

Title: "Discovering You"

original oil on canvas 30x24"

Serenity- Who will endure hurricanes and storms? That one who knows about calm, serenity and peace. Nothing is more valuable that the knowledge that the sun will come out and that I will be here and that You and I had found that inexhaustible source of life and harmony.

Title: "From the Enchanted Forest"
original oil on canvas 36x36"

The Whisper- There are challenges and goals in life but who can reach them? Only those that know how to reach that special place. There may be many voices but only one must he heard: The fundamental, Inner Conviction.

Title: " In Love"
original oil on canvas 48x36"


Inspiration- What light shines more than the morning sun? It is your glance that gives me warmth, that assures me the potency of a full life in every direction and every place; your presence, your light are my inspiration.

Title: "Sensibility"

original oil on canvas 24x30"


The Revealed Mystery- A moment may seem an small thing, but if we discover its value, then we will be able to understand eternity. Even though everything would pass and life would be like a river, the present will always be the hidden image -and now discovered, Eternity.

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Many of these paintings are placed in Centers for Meditation to create a meditative atmosphere, others, to create a Healing environment, as well as Prosperity and Peace. Each Art Work is more than an image, more than color and beauty, it is poetry and energy in movement, that interacts with the person who contemplates and connects us with the Universal Order.

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