Large treasures exist not in the external works but in the hearts that from within generate the necessary strengths to establish the order and beauty of things. The worship is not to the world by the world, more than to the substance, is to the essence, since that which is close is what is joined to the spirit.

Beauty is in the viewer's eyes, the images are ephemeral and change, they are all important and necessary, but if nobody would see them, then, it would not be known this essential beauty, where two slopes of life come together, one that changes and another that is permanent. If the earth could not contain the sea, the waters would be scattered and everything would be chaos.

The one who contemplates opens the heart and  art comes to dwell in it, as the generous Mother Earth who has opened herself to be fertilized by the waters of life, giving rise to an ocean of possibilities, to thousands of waves, swirls of ocean foam, infinity of fish and beautiful and again endless beaches.

If that which you see, pleases you, it is because You are seeing a reflection of yourself.  Art is a tool and spiritual instrument that takes some kind of form, so that you can see your own universal form. 

You are the infinite being, full of wonders and richness. You are the treasure of treasures, because without you looking, nothing could be seen. People could sing marvelous hymns, fantastic and exquisite instruments could produce the best music, but if you did not want to listen, if you did not want to look with your heart, all would be lost in a shadow without light.

You are the artist. You are the creative one. You are the enamored dreamer and the work that is seen is only a humble expression that will be enhanced with your presence. 

Because, Art is the union of heaven and earth of the visible with the invisible, of the material with the spiritual. And thus eternally one, we will discover life's wonders.

But You are in truth, the real inspiration...


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