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Art is not only a concept or a group of techniques well elaborated that add to a esthetic sense, which is special, different but where one can appreciate and distinguish a very particular expression that can be as opposed as the expression of harmony or complete disharmony, going through many intermediate processes, where, art interprets and in rare occasions, defines, but Mystic Healing Art, humbly pretends to go beyond.
Mystic Healing Art is a portal to see, to understand the mystery of creation and to always have the immense -but it will always be too little gratitude to the Creator.
In the paintings, the energy is captured, in such a way, that is possible to perceive it, to feel it, to interact with it and here goes a very personal opinion:

When I paint, I feel the integration with the cosmos; the canvas is not different from the universe, it is part of it, perfectly integrated in a continuous movement; it is the same experience that seeks meditation in its most transcendental expression: A constant, permanent flowing, a surrounding energy that reveals and discovers itself in front of the one who contemplates; literally, this art presents itself not only in front of your eyes but inside your conscience, making an inseparable force of the energy of the art and you, who contemplate.
This is done in such a way, that you will experiment the flowing outside and inside but even more, you will see the energy expanding through all your being, with such intensity, that this vibration, will reveal itself and also as a music that vibrates without limits in the perfect symphony of the work of the Creator.
Peace, joy, compassion, prosperity and flowing is what it gives and offers you, this integral art of energy in movement.

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The Collector's Corner
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