The wind may listen to  my words, praising its breeze, by the seashore. The fire may understand my passion, in the snow capped mountains. And the earth may discover how I feel, when I walk on her, or the sea, may wrap me up and allow me to dilute, to become only one and to discover its secrets. And Nature may listen to me or in justice,  I will listen to my heart and then, the blood will be the river. 
I will sustain on this, as if it was the power of life but it is not fire, although it may seem like it.
And the lungs will fill with wind and the bones will be columns. And the teeth as metals and the eyes as the doors of the soul, infinite oceans, that hide and keep but they know, because they have found out with its presence, what's beyond it all.

The whole Nature takes me, carries, leads me,  points to me, forces me, directs me, imprisons me  and frees me from everything. At the same time, in an instant, life and death unite, all and nothing.  Nature is big and small, at the same time, like in a grain of sand in front of a mountain. A sparkle of light, an ardent volcano, the sun at noontime,  the placid sea, an agitated sea, charming waves,  that hit the rock and together, with the light pour out foam of diamonds, a desert earth, hot and cold, unstable in its climate but deep, companion of everything. Mother and father of sweet fruits and living beings, species of the forests and species of the air.

Nature has so many faces, she gives so much every day!
And the force of life is the magic of the elements, is the chain that sustains life and at the same time is the reason of death. Nature is my living sister, my growing seed, is the past of my origin, the clarity of the present  and the infinite tomorrow, that does not end in the horizon but becomes gigantic.  Look at the skies, the bird that sings, the flower that is reborn and faints, the spirit of joy, the warm spring, passionate and sensual, the sea and wind that undulate, the attractive flower of different colors, the dew and strong flint, the good food to take, the skin of my skin, voice and breath of life. Nature has made me prisoner of her presence, reason of her tenderness and cruelty of her mystery, of her profound revelation since I have happiness with her and extinction without her.


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 Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.

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