Tragedy and Happiness. Two extremes. Two universal views that are so separated and opposed but that make the incident sinister:

This person had a relationship with his great love but he only found out when his beloved had left because he did not realize that he had everything there. He did not appreciate because he had not learned to listen to the voice of his heart.

How many times we have had in our hands, how many times we have been close to a treasure that is more valuable than gold but we have lost it in a moment. He had the happiness of knowing love and
the sadness of losing it. It may have been better, not to have known it.
It happened that the man and the woman, the professional, the craftsman, but finally, the human being, who had attention, affection, dedication, who had the means, the instrument to express himself to plenitude; not only he let her go, but he never saw her again. And then he realized that he had lost her.

And I ask: What would an angel do without wings? What would a man do without his eyes, his hands? What would a body do without a heart? How would be the life without illusions? What would a being do without another being? What would happen to a seed without soil? What can the night do without stars? What would the day do without the sun? What would the life be without love?

What can be done when there was a home and there is no home now? What can be done when there was warmth and now, only coldness stay?
If he drank honey before, now, he does not drink anything.

His throat dried, nobody can say "I love you" or "I miss you" anymore because if it is said, the mouth bleeds. What happens to the one who had everything in abundance and he has nothing now? Only the remorse of what could have been. He had wings and an infinite sky where to fly to.

He had poetry, happiness with whom to share but he did not see it. He was blind, he forgot, he went to sleep and then he awoke as in a dream. Where is your heart? You are not here any more. Where are you? What paths are you walking by now?

The nostalgia; the heart bleeds, the soul is empty because of that  lost love because he did not know to give her the right place. What is life good for? What are the dreams good for? What are the illusions good for? If there is nobody to share them with.

How many times we judge in an uncivilized and stupid way, the beings who surround us and with a knife or sword, we frighten them away and we punish them.

What is the reason? Do we believe that we are perfect? Can't we understand? Is the world perfect, maybe? Is it more important than the money? More important than the position? More important than our authority? Than our judgment? Do we think that we are God, maybe? What a nonsense!

We are not and never will be God. We are creatures but when we think that we have authority, power, geniality, then we start to frighten away the persons who were close.  We treat them like trash, like paper dolls. We do not look for their smiles, their happiness because we only were for them like a scissor cutting, castrating everything while thinking that we are doing the right thing.
But then, we succeed and everything comes to an end.

Love leaves, happiness disappears. The judge and the executioner. He stays alone, there is nobody else. The children, the couple, the friends, all went away because he frightened them away. Nobody is perfect. But what did we do?

We mistreated them, we humiliate them and love left. It broke in pieces that cannot be mended. And now, we have become a curse, a jail and our faults are written on the walls, that shout and remind us.

Who are we? We are the ones who think that life is a constant examination and that we do not want to approve anybody.

We make them unhappy because we saw ourselves like the owners of love, but the love left to never come back.

If you are reading this and it reminds you about the way you are, then, you can change. And if you have the loved one by your side, embrace her and ask for forgiveness and be happy. But do not lose her because
you will also lose yourself.


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