Does  Love and  desire can conciliate?  This was the question  presented to two irreconcilable opposites :  Good and evil. And evil hurried to answer and said :

- Love certainly is passing, it lives in man but then it gets bored, withers, is diluted, consumed, gets tired because  love may be filial, may be committed  but it disappears very fast since it takes offence and is disturbed by the minor detail.
 Love needs what for the majority of men is impossible to give : Loyalty, honesty, sincerity, integrity. Nevertheless, desire does not ask you for anything but gives you everything, its blood, perspiration,  honor, pleasure and since there is no commitment nothing gets lost. Can desire and  love be conciliated ? Of course they can. If love is less demanding and desire is more ardent,  it is certain and clear that love and  desire can be conciliated.-

Good came closer and said : Desire and Love do not need to do any effort to conciliate because they have never separate, since if they were separated then they would lose their identity. Because what unites desire and love in an infinite way,  is the genuine will. To separate them is not to know their natural and real function.  Desire only is the pure need to express the inner life that is agitated,  ignites, gets excited but not with anyone but with the real person that love has found and this love is a spiritual and material geniality, who creates a constant plenitude that does not wear out, does not get tired,   does not get bored.
To say what is wanted, what one feels and to express it,  is a natural law of life. Desire complements itself, is crowned  achieved and materializes in the love. There is no negligence, no indifference, it is what makes man a true and sincere spiritual being, which is the commitment of yesterday, my joy of today and my happiness of tomorrow -

After a silence, the voice who had asked the question said : -It is true that between desire and love there is conciliation, but where there will never be conciliation is between Good and evil.-


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