We are not perfect and thanks God, we trust in Him to follow His steps and foundation.

But what happens when we knowingly confront Him by denying Truth. By deceiving others while telling them how good we are or can be.

When this culminates in exploitation and abuse, then we have lost any resemblance with humanity and we have turned into the own lie.

We then walk by twisted paths as if they were straight while self deceiving and full of vanity and power. And what is even worse, abusing innocents, making them prey of sickening fascinations and lust not only of the senses but against our own nature, while boasting those goals and glories.

That is the possession of evil, the great lie. Let's repent. Life is short and eternity has no end.

Let's love Truth and let's cast aside all evil. Life is the glory of the Creator. Let's honor and respect Life.



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