There is nothing as valuable and important as to have self criterion, assuming every one of our responsibilities, in fullness of consciousness without pressure, authority, direction or command.  

Feeling that this arises from our soul and leads to the most concrete reality with a sincere and spontaneous partiality, completely acquired in the experience and in the fullness of our being.

Freedom becomes more complete, beautiful, perdurable and eternal when she takes the spiritual path in the process beyond life:

When her name is Love, because to Love she has surrendered and this is universal and joins faith because of life and for life. 

Freedom is the unique power of returning to the origin of life and also is the origin of the times. Freedom is not a dream, is not only to be free from chains; it is to love God without concepts, images or forms because He is Love and  completely spiritual.

Freedom, also is to Love our fellow-beings and the whole life. Our greatest and real freedom is having been born from Divine Breath and to return because of our own will



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