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The Princess and the Noble Suitors

There is a great uproar in the royal house because the princess is at the right age to be married and two noble suitors of great reputation have arrived bringing many gifts; and before the King and Queen, have asked for the hand of the maiden who is always beautiful and pretty.
The King asked them :
-What are you willing to give for the hand of my daughter?
And both gentlemen answered one after the other. The first one to speak was tall with a very youthful appearance, big smile and said:
-I have a smile, a flower and a great celebration to give to the princess.
And the King asked:
-Nothing else?
-Yes, of course, I can give her a little more love each new day.
While the King was thinking: " This is too little, this gentleman must be mad."
The other gentleman was asked to speak. His face was somewhat different from the other, he had a very pale complexion and seemed to be made from moon dust, he had a deep look and his face was kind of mysterious.
The King asked him:
-What do you have to offer to my daughter?
And he said:
- I have a smile which always will be present, I don't have a flower, but all the lives of the flowers to offer her. And if we talk about love, I have eternity, if you want a celebration, she will have a celebration that she will never be able to forget and everybody will comment: " How beautiful the princess looked, she seemed to be made out of crystal."
After listening to his words, the King couldn't hold himself and said:
-You will drink from the chalice of her lips.
The nobleman answered:
-Fine, the crazy life is finished.
And in that same instant, the princess fell in the arms of that gentleman, but she fell without life, she was dead.
And the promise of that gentleman was fulfilled: The great celebration was a funeral and the princess seemed to be made out of crystal. Thousands and thousand of flowers were in front of her coffin. And that strange, pale and sincere gentleman took the princess away and gave her eternity. That is the eternal smile because that nobleman was nothing less than the same angel of death.
The other suitor was crying in silence for his lost princess, since life can only give us one flower , one smile at the same time and a little more love each day. But death give us the mystery of the cold eternity.



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