Life is a circle and also a first step, that contains all what man has made. His laughs and his cries are there. There is nothing, not found in its bosom. It is like the voice of man. It will talk to you about his feelings. 

Chakras are circles which have inside, the secret of the flower:
The flower of existence, of consciousness, unconsciousness, of reason, unreason, of truth, lies, of birth and death.

There is a mystical spiritual consciousness in this science, which  can't be contained. It has an unmatchable faculty,
giving the ones who study it, a very special revelation of life, with the deepest, most complete, and the subtlest, most delicate and perfect secrets.
Chakras, are the inner paths of man.

They are the form to distinguish, to differentiate what is in his evolution. They reveal his journey and his end.  And the middle point is this moment.  They reveal all the paths and secrets of eternity.



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