A creative mind, not only knows how to have ideas born of other ideas, but  she brings on her, divine intuition, which allows her understanding of the human mind, to which, is incomprehensible to be able to see, touch and feel beyond the body and even transcend it.

Since, in the depth of meditation,  the ability of seeing in depth  is developed, as well as the opening of the heart and thus, been able to know and discover the mysteries of the heart, of reason and thought in the infinite space.

Because, it is possible to feel and to know, when it has been seen -and not with the eyes, the greatness of the Spirit in all His depth.

And, who enters this door will know the temple of revelation, where the Spirit lives, Who will make everything known, tearing down the veils, discovering the mysteries  and allowing the secrets to be known.

Intuition, always is a grace and a gift, that reveals the purest spirituality.



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The Collector's Corner

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