In Your eyes, i can see the light at daybreak and the light of the stars.

There is no separation between Your presence and reality. You fill everything. You cover everything.

My heart is a drop of water that dilutes in Your ocean and my breath only exists, because You have pronounced my name.

There is no thought which does not seek to come near You. You are light and tenderness.

Oh my God, i will keep on loving  You forever.



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The Collector's Corner

Paintings have always been the soul of many elegant decorated home or business since they show a lot about the character of the owners. A collection of paintings gives an extraordinary sense of originality and uniqueness to the homes and corporate offices. Browse the Mystic Healing Art Collection. -Unique, Elegant, Affordable

Art and Inspirational Writings created and copyrighted
 Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.

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