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Grains of Sand

We are proud to present to your fine attention the Inspirational Messages
 of Master Oscar Basurto.
He expresses his spiritual knowledge in flowing poetry, peppered with allegories, fables,  thoughts, stories, that underline the central theses of his expositions.  He gives to his paintings and writings an enthusiasm coming from the deepest of his being and he exalts a warm and vibrating music through a multiple palette. One feels overjoyed by his  paintings and writings, which have a universal language that appeals to everyone.  His, is a fascinating work, which opens us to a beautiful and different reality   Enjoy !    



The lasting motivation to excel is the conscious exercise of the practice of a superior virtue, which grows in the aspiration to reach and to know real Love. For this reason the spiritual life is a constant approach to: Study, work , devotion. And it is very true that God expresses Himself in our hearts. Is not this a reason for happiness? Let's continue on the path that always  is a divine gift. It might happen that some of the moments lived for multiple reasons are not always the most pleasing, as lacking happiness, as if the light was extinguished but there is something important that is necessary to apply; although a mist seems to surrounds us; we have to be the light in the darkness because Love has to illuminate the world from our inner self in a tireless way. Some of the sources of a true and lasting life are understanding, mercy and service.
We have to share the Light and this will allow us to appreciate the essential foundation of the soul and in this way all humanity becomes a message filled with life, joy, hope. And where there is conflict, where there is bitterness, let's bring sincerity and clarity. 
This is the spiritual life.



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All the Art and Inspirational Writings  presented in this website
 are created and copyrighted by
 Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell

Mystic Healing Art-TM

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