The Creator and the creation are intimately related by a mystery, which sometimes is infinitely painful. When a loved one is lost, he/she cannot be replaced. But I tell a story here that maybe can transform the darkness of the suffering.

This happened in a place, where very special beings lived, who were most appreciated and loved. They had tenderness, happiness, peace. Everything was joyful.

But one day that nobody will be able to forget, the earth trembled with potent winds bringing lightning and thunder and when the storm ended, that exceptional place and those wonderful persons, could not bear it and all their inhabitants left this world.  And all the other people from the nearby towns came to express their sorrow. And they were asking themselves: How is it possible that what seemed impossible could have happened in such terrible way? The roses turned into thorns and the beautiful memories turned into tears, sighs and wail. And all those people reconciled in the same idea: Misfortune will not overcome Love.
And they brought new flowers and seeds, not to replace the lost ones but to honor them, to keep calling them, what they had always be, beings of love.

Nevertheless, this was not enough. People started asking: Can we have harmony? It was as heaven and earth had separated even more, maybe too much, maybe they could never overcome what happened.

But one day, one of the persons, awoke them all, very early in the morning saying: " Come you all, because a great vision came to my mind, my heart and my spirit. Yesterday, I could not sleep; my heart was restless and I had hunger and thirst to see, feel, embrace and love those dear beings who I had promised, not to forget, not even for a moment. I could not rest and in my crying, I heard a voice, a deep voice, an immense voice, a serene voice that filled absolutely everything. And that magnificent voice said: " Today, you will stop crying."

And in that same moment, I found myself -as if time had not passed-  surrounded by those beings, those persons and individuals, small, young, big, that I have known before but now I felt them as if they were more perfect and pure. I cannot completely understand, but I could say that they had more wisdom, something that exceeded even the limits of what is wonderful. And in that same instant, I came back to the place where I had been before. And I thought: This was probably a dream, a fantasy due to my desperation. But, I heard the voice again that said:
" The only dream that you are having is what you are living now. You were awake just for a moment. What you saw and lived is called reality and this reality is eternal. The world where you are at now, where you suffer, despair and cry is a passing, transitory world. But it does not lack value because of that, you must learn and understand that it is a stage in the superior path. Death is a mirage and what was mortal, today is eternal and immortal. Do not cry over the past, because some day you will also be part of the moment, of the mystery of the eternal. Change your crying into unconditional love."

Then, I did not hear the voice but I understood that there are mysteries that I cannot go in depth but one of them was revealed to me: That all my loved ones live and will live forever, because they have been called to eternity , which covers them with the mantle of grace and with infinite and unconditional love. I only have a few more words to say: Our loved ones live in the perfect  grace of Love.

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