It is the virtue or natural disposition to take responsibility for our acts and circumstances, in front  of others. In turn, responsibility  can be of several types : Juridical (before the Civil law ), family, labor, etc.  How does responsibility weaken ? When the will and  understanding are obstructed . Those are the faculties needed to accomplish the free actions.
Is responsibility a sign of maturity ? Yes, because it knows when to delegate responsibility to others. How does a responsible person behave ? This person perseveres, not with inflexibility but with the motivation of fulfilling the assigned duty. The person remains faithful to the objective because the indispensable element is the duty.  

Responsibility is ethical,  moral and even is a legal obligation to the commitment that  has been made. Why is  responsibility valuable ?
Thanks to it, we can peacefully live in society, either with family, friends, or in a professional or personal plane, and we can count on it.


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