To accomplish self understanding, is necessary, to be able to have self listening. We may think that we don't know ourselves but if we have never listened ourselves, then, we  have been walking in opposite directions and also placing a wall of iron, or movable sand in between.

It happens, that most of the persons know very little about themselves. They don't know, the main reason of their feelings since they are dominated by the external, superficial thought, which is passing and circumstantial. And this, reaches the point that we form a parallel personality, that says nothing about ourselves. Then, the inner world is isolated, desolated, abandoned and afflicted. And it turns out that we don't want to see, to feel and we take this form of dialogue to extremes, by being separated of our reality.  

This separation is the formation, of apparent realities, that give place to laughing, when we don't feel like it or to cry when we don't want to. As a consequence of this, man gets lost and can't find himself. He, then loses self esteem and purpose of life, making him to be, what he is not and when he finds himself in a reality that is not his, desolation and crisis identity arise.  This makes him, to live a life that is too frivolous, too erratic, without  real purpose since he is not making been himself, on the contrary, he is not knowing himself and conflict, then, arises, while the physical health declines, emotionally and mentally speaking.

For this reason, the external thought is not, the right one because is equivalent to taking too many risks, without measuring the consequences. The problem is, that the external thought is compulsive and if we are vulnerable and susceptible, then, we are not going, to be able to use reflection. 

Spirituality admits,  that  reflection is one of the most important processes, because by only using reflection, we can measure the actions and its consequences. Reflection, needs of maturity and this comes with time. It cannot be reliable if it has not been developed, it is worth to say, that if we don't have the discipline of reflection, then it will be inefficient. 

Man, needs his judgment to be mature and not impulsive. Reflection guides us to quietude and silence because it defines and where we find more spaces, where we can listen to ourselves and when we listen to ourselves, we can pay attention to the inner voices, to those moments and circumstances, that have marked our lives, in such a way, that made us to be as we are.

Nevertheless, this must not be the beginning or the end. We have to negotiate, to exchange opinions with ourselves and to learn. But taking the external life, is as driving at high speed, without criterion and responsibility, which can take us to misleading directions or paths.  Even more, we may think that we have everything in life, without been really ours, because we have taken the wrong decisions, because we didn't listen enough.

This is not only based in what we need but also based on what we can contribute. We must learn the difference between the impulses and the right reflection.  We all, have to give and to receive and for this is necessary to live. Then, let's look for excellence, development and let's never forget about ourselves because if we do, we'll see how life just pass by. We then, must listen to ourselves, be attentive, use reflection and then act.


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