The simplest form to recognize this issue is when we procrastinate, not doing the things at its proper time. Besides, there is a more critical and tragic form, when our subconscious mind has not been able to solve inner conditions. As a result, our subconscious mind develops conflictive situations in our present. Many times, these are compulsive, where we can't avoid confrontation and conflicts with ourselves and with the environment that surround us.  

Man, often finds himself cursed with hidden conflicts that are hidden as his most deepest fears. They affect his life in many ways, such as : Not been able to be happy, not been able to transmit or to communicate as he would like to.

The inner world has many variables related to the emotions not correctly processed. It is most important to understand that all that happens to us has a cause and will transmit an effect. If we don't solve this situation, trying to understand its origin and trying to solve it; it will come back and attack us in active and passive ways and we will end up by always losing control.

Meditation, deep reflection, praying and analysis are the means to discover these limits. But many times we are absent, not realizing these sabotages, allowing them to happen and then our life, becomes very limited. If we don't have the fullness of life that we would like to have in the different areas, it may be, that we have not been able to recognize where it started and the cause of the original problem. All the issues that can't be resolved must be investigated, with a deep examination.
 In order to be able to discern what is happening to us.

It might be that we don't have control of our life. And is not that we don't have the integrity or intelligence to overcome it. What happens is that we have not had the proper interest for the inner transformation.  It is important to remember the past but maintaining the perception of the present. This consists in confronting the past with a constructive attitude through deep meditation. One method is to analyze the areas of pain and resentment and try to overcome them, through forgiveness.  But this requires of recognizing the causes. That is why, meditation and visualization are methods to overcome the sabotages.


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