You are near, so near that you are inside me. But I don't see you, I don't know you. You do know me - too much maybe- because you have invaded all the spaces and I can hardly move.  You have one thousand faces and I have only one. You enter and leave. You talk, express, laugh, cry, define and commit yourself. And I wonder what to do because you have extended your kingdom and dominion. And I follow your dance.

Sometimes, you raise me to heaven and other times you take me to hell and in there you condemn me one thousand times, you punish, put pressure, undress me even removing my skin. You perforate my bones and make me bleed. You feed on my whole being. Who has given you that power ?
 Who has offered you my being ?
 Why do you take all ? 

I now know who you are. You are a mixture of light and shadow. You are the opposite and you are the indifference, all of them or each one of them. You are king, miser, free, slave, wise man, intelligent, pure,  worthy. And you are also completely mad, corrupted, unbalanced. But you are a law, a chain,  destiny, macabre dance. Where is my freedom ?  Since you not only live in the reality but in the fantasies and dreams. Who is who ? Who is real?  The answer to all these mysteries and processes which seem so controlling and sinister is the archetype. And who is he or them ?
 What are their names ? Where do they live ? 
How are they ?
Where do they come from ? What are their objectives ? What objective do I have ? Since I no longer know who I am, who they are  or maybe are they me ? The archetypes are the structures of the mind. The maps, avenues, inner forces which act and interact in the thinking and living processes. The pieces of the puzzle, which is the human mind. They feed, nourish and develop on our weaknesses. They subdue us to their caprice, to their compulsive need of being.
The archetypes are nothing less than ourselves in the process to mature and to be. Man is as a luxuriant, eternal tree with many branches, leaves, flowers, fruits.
And the archetypes live,  flow and express in them.
 The archetypes are the reality of the dreams. The silence turned into shout. And the shout expressed even beyond itself. Because it was born from the thirst to be and that is the reason that demands the whole life. The archetype is the origin of the child who has processed the information of life, who has received happy dreams or sad nightmares from the world. It is the child who received the hug, the affection and the child who received scorn and mistreat.

 It is the child who loves and has faith. It is the child who is full of doubts. The archetype is you, is me, is everything that exists and also is everything that does not exist.
 Because life is not only life now but life will be seen through the innocent eyes of the child who has lived without knowing the source of Love and hatred.
 The source of being and not being. The archetype is the superior man and also is the basic, primitive, angry, violent animal. It is the drifting ship. The real equilibrium. Who is true and who is a lie ?  Is life a journey, an adventure, a pre-designed destiny, an universe to discover ? Is it the stone in the path or the step  to climb ?

The most important achievement is to conquer ourselves. The archetype is a teacher of light or a lasting journey to darkness. By looking inside, we can know the mysteries of man and the treasures of the inner child. These paths are the shared destiny of man and the universe. These are the archetypes.


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