Madness was resting over the pasture contemplating the firmament and thinking: " Nothing happens here."  While, Love was arriving  after a long journey, always attentive and caring but also alert and vigilant. They met and madness said:  " What are you doing crossing this path? Destination can not be found here, not even nourishment for the mind. Here, not only comes the brave but the one who do not have illusions, who have lost their foundation and who cannot see his own abandoned dreams and his finished destiny." 

" I know that you contemplate as looking back, thinking that all is finished, that nothing is left and  you look for reason without seeing.
Life in you is a torment, as an instant that cannot be changed. But for Love, the most difficult moments have to be appreciated and valued, because is possible to make a mistake but is necessary to get the control back and every change will be better."  said Love.

But Madness had lost the control and did not want to listen, she only wanted to keep sailing in her broken ship, and said: " I loved once; his eyes were my eyes. His mouth was my mouth and his skin, my skin. His steps, my steps and in his hands I would see the birds of the sky, and in his feet, the trees, the flowers and the fields. I was as the night waiting; and his presence as the sun of the morning.  I would open my window and his light would enter and would stay in me. But one day, I learned that he was unfaithful and I did not say anything, neither shout, nor cry, I only threw myself on this field looking and looking at infinity. And I thought that nothing ever happens here and nothing has happened for a long time. My madness is that I no longer live, neither I have any interest in living. I do not care about anything in this world. Nothing happens here anymore."

" Your story is very sad indeed and you are lost in that sky that is not blue but more grayish than the night. I cannot criticize you but I would like to give you advice. I know that you do not want to look back, that time passes without passing and that you watch how all things pass. But, maybe it was not love what you had.  I will reveal you a secret that although is not consolation but comes from heaven. You did not live that love, your madness does not come from pain, your madness comes from lack of love because you never had love, you only got hurt because you confused falling in love with the true love. I am Love and I will tell you that love  in order to be sincere, real and true is not only of one. You suffered the madness for placing your illusion on a treacherous love, which is not love because is not sincere. You must leave madness aside, bring the good sense back and appreciate the dawn of each day. Do not let yourself go, get out of that vacuity. Leave the past experiences and seize your present. I understand your disappointment but do not suffocate any longer, do not drown your heart in the silence and allow this experience to serve you as the science of pain but do not welcome this pain, that is consuming you."

Then madness got up from the field and stopped looking without looking at  infinity and she recovered the consciousness of the present and she stopped being absent and she looked face to face to Love and said:

" The past is forgotten, I return to live the newly found love." And they embraced and continued their paths.


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