I can truly say that once I saw a star in the sky, which was shining and wonderful. That star  seemed like your eyes, that have its own light.
Since that day, there is nothing in me, who is not but that remembrance, that fills everything and  beats, more loudly than the own heart.
It is the whole source of every new inspiration  because it has  taken everything.

The look has expanded, filling every space, the totality of the distances, reasons, thoughts, motivations. It has filled everything. Those eyes are the inspiration, always giving and especially, always filling everything.  And if Art does not have this flavor, if it does not ride on the clouds  if it does not submerge in the depth of the desires, then, how can the Art for the Heart give ?  It is captive,  surrenders and the only thing that it can do is:  "To Give in order to Be."  and " To Be in order to Give."


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 Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.

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