-What would happen to the world if everything would be perfect?
A madman asked in loud voice.

And another madman who was also in the same place, said: -Why?
And the one who brought up the subject, answered:
-If everything would be perfect, the time would disappear since by being everything perfect, everybody would have culminated the totality of their worries, dreams and illusions. Nothing else would need to be done in life. There would be no change. The day would be always perfect and in order to do this, it would have to be the same as the previous one. All the conversations and comments would be the same.

Then, another madman who was very attentive, broke the silence by saying:
-Humanity must respect us.  We are very wise, otherwise, perfection would have been reached and it would also be the day of the final extinction.

 And all the madmen embraced and shouted:  -Hurrah for the madmen.-


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