The madman said: To be able to understand the world is necessary to go beyond it, because what seems to be evident is the easiest way to be wrong.

In this reflection, in this mind, surprising essential things appear, in a philosophy , which is almost no philosophy:

The hammer says to the nail: I beat you so that you can reach your destiny.

The fire says to the wood which it is consummating. You don't die. You live in me.

All the disorder has an order. The chaos invites to rebuilding. When something breaks, the science arises to arrange, paste, accommodate it.

Then, the night is not an enemy of the day, both court each other, both announce themselves. The sun is luminous and arrogant. The night is shy but both are inseparable.

The plates, the glasses, the cups are empty, not because they want to, but because they must be filled.

The useful thing arises from the useless thing and the useless arises from the useful.

The illness makes the physician.  And the physician without wanting to, also loves the illness.

If there were no fires, they would not be those who try to extinguish them.
 If there was no misunderstanding, we would not  clamor for understanding.

The paths become tortuous so that we can look inside.

Oh differences! Oh similarities!

What seems to contradict, affirms. Everything seems to be in a certain way but does not exclude another.


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