While meditating, I wanted to know who was happiest on earth and I had the vision of traveling to different places and for some reason, I found myself at a mansion, a house of many rooms; this house did not lack anything but had everything modern and in abundance.

Then, I could feel the hearts of the persons, the owner of the house wanted more wealth and I could see that he was hardly home, he traveled a lot, looking for something more and his mind was busy in reaching fame and fortune.

I could also see that the lady of the house, enjoyed of gatherings and her main worry was not about the reunions but about the clothes that she would wear and how the others would see her. She needed to show her power and control.

I also saw the heart of the children, they hardly knew their parents, they were addicted to buying and using new things and then, they would feel very bored and they felt Jealousy among themselves.

I left the house while thinking that it was good that they were successful but there was something about them that did not seem that good since they were always unsatisfied, looking for something more and they were never happy.

Then, I went to the other side of the city and found myself in something that was almost like a house, it seemed very poor and there was a family inside, they were together and were eating; and the father was saying:

"Let's give thanks to God for our health, for been together, sharing this food."

I saw that their food was simple, there was no abundance, only what was needed. I could also see the hearts of the members of the family, where a light was shining.

I asked the light: "Who are you? I can see that this family has peace and unity."

And the light answered: " They also have joy and faith."

"How is that possible?" I asked.

And the light said: "You will not be able to see their wealth with your eyes, but you will feel it and you will understand the wealth in them because they accept themselves, they make the effort and with natural humility, they value and feel grateful for what they have, then, they have more than wealth, they have the revelation of the secret of Happiness."

And I kept listening in my heart: "To accept, to appreciate, to be grateful"

Then, I understood, who was happiest on earth.



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