This word contains many secrets and mysteries. It may be one of the less worked, studied and understood areas. Nevertheless, is the most important part of the function of the will, since on it, depends to adapt or not, to the functions of life.

We define aptitude, as the always conscious disposition, to participate or not, in front of a cause, reason, value, or how to manage, perceive or acquire something.

People with a correct aptitude, are not perfect beings, but they are conscientious of the importance of improving and adapting, in the best possible way, so that their circumstances become an important and correct goal, to reach balance and harmony. 

This is applied as the necessary means in every work and function  of life. 

The easiest way to understand this subject, is the understanding that man must have the correct reason, the appropriate motivation and intention of life, in each one of the aspects in which he participates or does not participate. Until arriving then, to a global and integral aptitude where the effort, nobility and the will become as a single breath of life and hope.

The aptitude is the generosity of the spirit, who, always, fond of nature and life, gives his unconditional breath to the service of the cause of Truth, Justice, Peace, Prosperity and Love par excellence. 



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 Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.

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