Beloved Soul, your eyes are profound, innocent and in your mind and heart I can contemplate your virtue and fragility.  I know that the paths of life are still unknown to you and it can be difficult to distinguish among good and evil.

Let me teach you its difference. They both are as twins with the same appearance but in the bottom of those two hearts, one is rose like and the other only has thorns.

The rose like heart, has tenderness, good sense, dignity, respect towards others and a profound  love to God. And she sees her fellow man, as her own hands, very close to her.

But the heart of thorns is arrogant, diligent in his own insolence and full of false glories, ready to hurt and to kill and will try very hard to see the blood of the ones considered as enemies, to whom, he needs to posses, dominate and control.

Beloved soul, you are awakening, you are blooming, I would like you to be cautious of the false appearances, they can deceive you and maybe confuse your steps.

The first thing, that I will tell you is, to think for yourself, to reflect, use your intuition, go deeply in your analysis, but  above all to pray. Because at certain moments, everything may seem confusing and you may face problems, which are difficult to solve, that's why you must cultivate yourself, so you can grow, develop, with perfect discernment before deciding, before accepting something.

Follow your superior intuition before assuming and from that point of eternal difference, do not hurry,  be open to analysis and reflection.

If you have to criticize, give constructive criticism, you have so much to learn and it can confuse you.

Truth is not found in books but in experiences.  When you listen or you know something that seems true, meditate and reflect, use your common sense, even more, if it is usually sleeping, wake it up, with patience and tolerance towards you and all.

Also, know that you will not be able to define, some experiences and knowledge but you'll somehow know, because your heart will tell.

Move away from what's too easy, too promising, since is not true because the things in evolution are not given  right away.

Beloved soul, you'll find that your footprints forge your path and in occasions, you can carry stones, thinking they are flowers, that's why, I tell you to learn about the cause, wait for the right moment, don't despair, cultivate benevolence, service and tenderness. And you will have strength and  conviction and  your heart will come closer to what's true.

When you love, give it all, asking only  for the smile of your own soul in return.

Take care of your steps, so they can forge the path of your destiny. And learn in the reflection of the path to appreciate the experience better than the enthusiasm. Only in this way and little by little, you will reach wisdom, and then, only to know that you know very little, nevertheless, your love will have grown and you will be so tall that you will be able to kiss the stars, because even in them, you will see the eyes of the eternal Creator.

And then, beloved soul, you will be awake and you will know the great differences among good and evil.

Be reflective, thoughtful, humble and God will protect you .



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