More than a reflection, is a prayer. More than a prayer, is spiritual communion. If we unite all these processes, we turn this into a being, which is true and real.

Time passes but the good and holy works, will stay even beyond the end of the times. Because what has been delivered to us with Love, is a full, spiritual life and nothing can kill it.

I am referring to one of the aspects, of the dimension of the experience, of the spiritual life, in the work of  a living faith.  

Another aspect is, that this realization promises and is reached when man embraces faith and also embraces the foundation, of the spiritual victory

Then, he also knows the sacrifice of Love for the realization of Truth.  Because is very certain and necessary to know that there are many paths in the world, which are different and far opposites, but what is always needed is to abandon evil completely. 

In these times, when humanity seems to forget the foundations of surrender, charity and sacrifice. Let's reflect about what is essential.

Life is not a chimera. Life is, and always will be, a path of light, fraternity and surrender.

Man has to walk towards eternity, by going deeper into worthy and superior truths.

Love does not have frontiers. Love is the only and eternal reality.



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