Discovered more than one hundred years ago, Avian Flu threatens millions of persons now. What has man done to deserve this tragedy ?

Let's reflect: Nature has always worked in balance with humanity while man has worked in a very destructive way.

Are we facing an alternative balance ? Where does our responsibility begin and how can we correct the harm already done ? 

It may seem that the messengers from  the sky -the birds, have something important to tell humanity. Not only the irrational species  as some people think are in danger, since now, we all are.

Was this supposed to happen or could  have been prevented ?
What can we do now to avoid this misfortune ?

Man looks at the stars and he wants  to conquer them. He looks at power and gets fascinated by it.

But he does not look at his surroundings and he destroys without compassion.

There is an order, equilibrium but the path is not  found in destruction but in improvement.

Let's reflect!



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