Catastrophic events cover the earth. Are they a clear sign of the last judgment ?

In fact, every instant is a beginning and an end.

What is most important is not a fixed thought on the final chaos but what is important is to constantly improve ourselves.

Planetary consciousness does not seem to have changed too much during the long years of evolution.  Maybe it has changed in the outside but in the inside, man does not seem to realize that he is completely responsible and that he has to take the necessary steps to achieve Peace. 

Since a better world starts inside of us by cultivating our inner world.

Recognizing great world changes allows us to foresee the future. We realize without clairvoyance that the majority of the world resources are spoiled .

Like, the sea, the global warming; even generations and generations are hurt with the use of drugs and other evils.

The end of times is not something that we have to consider as different from our own attitude towards our own world. Then, we would have to decide literally, if humanity lives or dies. There is no other way to understand this.

Then, let's start to live in a just and right way and the end will never come.

Otherwise, we will soon write our own end.
Great solutions for humanity don't require of great knowledge but require of acting with simple and humble values which are completely necessary : Veracity,  friendship, solidarity, compassion.

They all are essential. Some persons may want to become very powerful but the greatest power is found in the knowledge of  how to Share and  how to Love.


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Final Judgment
The Rebellion of Nature. Avian Flu


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