The subject to be discussed today is almost conflictive. But if we give the proper attention and we have an open mind, this study will be very constructive.

All started in a lecture or conference for a young and enthusiastic public but who were lacking the proper depth and reflection.

The subject being presented was " forgiveness "  and I remember that all kind of opinions were expressed and one of the persons of the audience, proposed  " total forgiveness " in such a way, that seemed like a samurai warrior.

For this noble person, the word forgiveness meant to forgive over and over, in an absolute way, no matter what kind of offense. And besides it was necessary to forgive seventy times seven.

Some other persons, were listening with fear because they were remembering similar situations. While others were of the same opinion of that person, since it had been imposed, instilled and engraved in their bones, without option neither to think nor to analyze.

They thought that it was a fact, even a command and to think different, simply was bad and or contradictory.

Here is the explanation : The word forgiveness, clearly indicates that every charge or reprimand is dismissed.

The person is totally exonerated of guilt in such a way, that becomes totally innocent and free of any guilt. But this is a fallacy, in other words, is part lie and part true.

This is a warning for the persons who read without studying nor going in depth into the subject and who totally lose the context of order and the meaning of the things.

Forgiveness is a right and a duty, only when there is real repentance. Not only the wish of improving, but to demonstrate change.

Forgiveness does not make that the victim overcomes his misfortune or that the unfortunate action is blessed.

Forgiveness is not something to be taken lightly, or spiritually compulsive. We don't have the obligation to endure every evil and of course, forgiveness is good, noble and necessary, but must be correctly understood.

If forgiveness would be given as a present, then the objective of becoming better, of reflection and repentance, would be lost. But is very certain that man is only man and God has other parameters.

His forgiveness always will be divine. Man, on the other hand, will have to make great efforts to be able to have a pure and noble heart who can overcome the offenses.

But is true and here the subject is debated.

The action that can lead to forgiveness, is repentance.

Somebody who tries to overcome his mistakes, can't be compared  with a noble man who has not made any mistakes.

We have to be very clear. The prodigal son was regretful. He humiliated himself, felt ashamed and claimed for God.

And this is what forgiveness is about. If there is repentance, there is forgiveness. And here I finish the explanation.

Probably, there will be many doubts and worries. And differences will keep happening. Now, the student must develop his own science.

The subject here, is not only forgiveness and repentance, but the need of, not only to read, but to deepen and to study.



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