Forgiveness is self acceptance, self understanding and the realization that we are not perfect. What is most important about forgiveness is that we will always be there, one for the other. 

The one who forgives frees his mind and heart, since the one who resents  lives tied to it. Forgiveness is a superior gift, which never comes from the mind, nor from reasoning  because forgiveness is something higher.

Forgiveness as well as Faith and Love comes only from the Spirit. To forgive is always self forgiving, this may not be understood but forgiveness brings Peace.

The one who does not forgive is like the one who is blind, not able to see not even his own image.

Forgiving is very difficult most of the times, and the reason is that we feel left down, hurt, and this means that we have experienced rejection, abandonment and disappointment at heart.  

But is important to realize that when the soul is hurt, this becomes a very corrosive disease, while forgiveness is like a cure, which is difficult to get, to accept and to maintain but is the way to health, because a wounded heart is like a bird that cannot fly, while the heart who forgives, goes through the infinite space and never has limits.


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How to be able to Forgive

Those who cannot Forgive
Forgiveness frees the Soul
Understanding Forgiveness
Forgiveness and Forgetting


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