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Oh, my destiny, my final destiny, what an ardent passion, what vehement thirst of being in love with the sun! 
Why did this happen? Could it be that nothing is important, that nothing matters? That there are no paths, that this is the destiny, to which I go, to which I will go
and suddenly I will be like the own sun.?  I was asking myself about this, when a voice said: " That is called immolation and happens when you allow the passion to be greater than the reason; now you know that there must always be an equilibrium since the revelation of the mystery is what remains of what you have seen. If you fall in love with the light, you will lack the power to see and will be like a fanatic who lives obsessed and then ends by being consumed by its own love. But tell me, what did you see today? "
 " I saw a butterfly with the wings of fire, because enamored of the fire she was consumed and died in it."


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