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What makes man such an special creature in such a way that even God chose him to be above the angels?
Humanity is called to become like one man: The Priest of the temple, who receives the grace of the Highest. Humanity has prepared for this since its origins, in order to know that because of the delivery, of the great sacrifice of Love, it has been given the principle of the consciousness of Love, which consists not only on been loved but on becoming Love . And this is the grace which gives man the opportunity of been one with humanity in the grace of the Creator. This has many avenues and implications such as abnegation, solidarity, compassion and forgiveness.
Since in order to be a priest of the Highest, the heart must first be holy and humble.
He must see himself in his fellow men, even in the ones who could be despised, not because of been evil but because the external beauty is ephemeral. But the pure at heart does not stop at the ephemeral, he rather looks at eternity. And this grace has been granted to him by the most sublime Love, the one who dies for Love and in this way he conquers death and his life is source of eternal life, where every man is one with virtue, truth and eternal love.


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