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One of the simplest things is to listen to the spiritual word which is always placid, refreshing, renovating.
Nevertheless  and it is regrettable that few people make the effort to listen with the heart and in truth get to live the teaching.
Many are the dreams of man, as innumerable as the stars but few are those that make their dreams possible. The majority listen and let it pass as if their beings were impenetrable and nothing could reach them to germinate and bloom because for this to happen something more than listening is required, it is also needed to want to be listened to, to want to participate in the message and to take it as example of life in every moment.
The spiritual teaching is not a drifting boat. It is the
guide, the goal, of the flower its aroma and its colorful charm. It is not only appearance, it is essence and substance that have met again because Spirit knows his name, knows his way, it's only needed to remember him again in order to arrive to his destiny.


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