If we are so different and so distant as  ice to fire, as  hell to heaven. Then, why do I remember you ?
Why does the night cry out for the day and sighs at dawn ? Because without you neither  light nor  darkness make sense. Then, inevitably two opposite bloods in appearance, are joined  but the fact is that there is an order within the chaos. And although it seems inexplicable, see how the river is sweet and goes to the sea that is eternally water and salt.

The moral is that the opposites are not separated crimes, on the contrary, they are substantial differences that make a new life possible. What would be of  life if the spaces were not empty or if nobody wanted to fill them.

Let's respect the differences, that what is more distant,  is always closer and the reality is like this.


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Art and Inspirational Writings created and copyrighted
 Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.

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