The Adam of this example, is a regular man, who has goals,  perspectives, illusions, dreams, hopes. He has lived enough to know the two ends of the same coin.  Both are full of passion, desire, fondness, but one of them and only one of them has an absolutely genuine commitment. Then, what is the meaning of  falling in love?  For one of the ends is a question of skin and attraction; within this form of attraction there are some variables as  security, comfort, confidence, friendliness, amenity, sexuality, professionalism or others,  extreme categories within the genres of diversion and entertainment. But this vision is practical, utilitarian, selfish and transitory. Because, there is no concept here of home or union in the attraction born of  hunger  or loneliness or instinct.

The romance of the example, lasts for some time but later disappears, gets bored, dies or goes away. This face is not defined, does not commit. Everything seems nice but finally the instability of character corrupts the relationship. It is like a beautiful raincoat of paper, that may hold the wind but under a strong and heavy rain, would disappear. But there is a more delicate situation that results from every experience.

The balance can be very destructive and the experience that started as a castle,  collapses and turns into a sword. There can be rage, rancor, bitterness which leave the person or persons,  confused, demoralized or what is worse, used to this type of experience.  And then, what will happen ? That person will be living through a lot of these experiences and his feelings and heart will become cold, calculating and indifferent.
Another face of the coin is that the falling in love begins with the tenderness of the soul which makes her to feel attention, care, fondness, understanding and a filial respect which is real, spiritual and certainly material.

There is desire, passion but there is a feeling of home and continuity. Wind, rains, fires, losses or profits may come, but they will not be altered or affected.  The process of falling in love will grow and develop like a well care plant; that will give flowers, fruits and will last beyond death.

Nothing can be imposed in its way, either time, space, poverty, wealth, health, beauty or ugliness. There is a reason because for something more has been born of the spirit. When the falling in love is real, is like mixing two pure waters into one. While the passing infatuation is like water and oil, which no matter how much they are mixed, they separate. 

Love is a superior intelligence and spiritual Love is sincere. And the sincerity does not change, does not sell, does not wither but each new day makes a path of happiness out of its life.


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