The soul was looking at her reflection in the blue sea of the infinite sky. Her image was of eternal youth, splendorous light, sensual and passionate, illuminating with the frenzy of passion, even the recondite place of the whole universe.

The soul surrenders and desires with the exquisite mystic force of  absolute union. She has purity and candor and the mind can't ever resist her calm  and peace. She is the open soul, loving, universal creature, with the color of  fire, who is in the heart and in the blood of every being.

The soul is beautiful and has a real luxuriant nature. She makes everything perfect and absolute. If you would like to know her mystery, set your mind free, leaving behind vanity and selfishness, contemplating the glory of life which is neither prejudiced nor prude, since she always is deep and profound Love.


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Art and Inspirational Writings created and copyrighted
 Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.

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