The man who has managed to maintain a calm mind, will clearly know the importance of a deep, clear and serene, way of thinking. And most important, to be compassionate and supportive.

When man is no longer subject to violent reactions, then he can confront the most absurd and sinister dangers, since he has reached the dominion of such, because the spiritual peace dwells in his heart. 

It is extremely important not to hate beyond our limits, because we can hurt our loved ones.

It is like planting chaos and violence in the world.

The spiritual wisdom teaches us to avoid and to control  hate, which brings violence. In order not to reach those extremes, is necessary to have a point of equilibrium, a center of perfect and absolute balance.

It is important to clarify that this does not mean, to cultivate inaction, but  is important to understand and to reveal a mature, responsible and coherent action.

The kingdom of  knowledge consists in contemplating and acting. But with a wisdom that comes from recognizing our own limitations.

It is necessary of Divine intervention to be able to accomplish that wisdom.

It is not good for man to act alone. There is a God, Who gives His calm, confidence, and authority, when faith and prayer are cultivated individually.

Then, man's reaction between passion and hate, does not reach the extremes. But he sees the blooming of the " Grace of the Holy Ghost " in him,  which is the grace that God permanently transmits.

The managing of control is a process of elevation of the consciousness. We must look for strength in God. And thus apply order,  culture, and justice that always are reason for contentment.

The Grace of the King means and represents the will and dominion that God has placed in  man, so he can make of his life a  foundation of control and excellence, a cause or reason of working in the art, which is the good that must be proclaimed everywhere.



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