Thousands of years have passed, the world has changed, man has modernized. Nevertheless, everything is the same.

The flowers may be different because time transforms them, but their roots are the same. And tomorrow will be the same and it will incessantly stay the same.
What are the changes, then, that we see and the large separations that arise among generations ?

The truth is that man has practiced and has played to be man.

What seems to be separation are only empty spaces of identity, consciousness and freedom. But nothing has changed under the sun.
The inner child is still living in the depth of man, discovering, guiding, making mistakes, falling down, getting up. And also making of every mistake, not a defeat but a preamble to make his dreams come true.

The spiritual vision maintains serenity, temperance and a deep meditation.

What is the benefit of this teaching ?

At times, life may seem to change radically : Where there was success, disgrace may come, or from disgrace, hope and success may arise.

What do we need to understand then ? That the universe moves, acts and expresses through cycles.

The great changes and differences only mean that we are returning to the beginning.

This is the reason that spirituality cultivates serenity, since through it, we will see beyond the changes and then, reality will never abandon us.



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