The human being, often is, a complex psychological mechanism. This, may seem absurd  but in reality it means,  not wanting  to assume real responsibilities. And mainly, looking for constant self justification and running away from himself, for the only reason of maintaining tranquility and control.

But this is a self deceit attitude. It is sad, that people keep hiding behind many masks, avoiding to have self knowledge while making constant rituals, out of life.

They hide their own feelings, which they cut off, before they bloom. These are depressed people with a mask of spirituality or honesty and with supposed great sense of solidarity.

They can be found in every place and condition, forming part of a team  but they hide behind the other persons, since they don't want to be themselves.

These persons are condemning themselves to failure in all they do, in every type of relationship, they will never get to be happy and if they are, is from a posture of self defense and negation to life itself.

Many aspects of human evolution, follow this proce

Spirituality is a conscious practice, when, it is truly lived, and is not a path followed in a blind way, confusing this attitude with faith, which has another meaning.

Faith, is a true commitment to spiritual communion, where the process of analysis and thought  are related to accomplish excellence in every sense.

Life, is to be lived with intensity. This means, to love the process of getting to know and to discover the best that we can be.

Divine Love, does not want us to be blind, ignorant, fanatics or simple mechanisms, but rather to realize the best talents of living.

There is a great difference between living in constant fear, pretending everything is fine, while being self deceived, or rather,  living a life full of spiritual plenitude.

Let's start by asking ourselves :

What do I understand ?
What is the objective of the spiritual life ?
How to discover its meaning ? Why is Love, good ?

In this way, and by taking life in this true and responsible form, we will be a true and real being.

Let's not pretend what we are not. Let's be the best that we can be, for the good of all.



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