The people in the town of the man called the Madman, noticed his incredible craziness.

He had put together all his possessions even some money. And he was throwing them away. The money was blown away by the wind in the street. And soon all his belongings disappeared and then there was nothing left.

The people scolded the Madman, saying: " You not only threw away all your possessions but all that you had. Now you will have misery and needs. You are crazy! "

And he said: " All that can be sold, all that can be bought, will always be superficial and passing, will always come to an end.

That is the end of all power and wealth and if I do not have any possessions, then I will be able to reach what overcomes the material value.

I will have what I have and nobody will be able to take this away from me. Then, my worth is true and superior."

But he was not understood and said: " If you cannot find the primordial value, then, even if you have and keep possessions, you will have nothing because they will possess you. I am not slave to nobody. And nobody is my owner.

I live in total madness. This world called this madness, but I called it Freedom.

How much is this worth? It does not have a price. That is its true value."

But people shouted again: " You are crazy." While he kept smiling.

Then, everything passed and people went back to treasure their riches. And the Madman went through great needs.

But at the end of the day, he seemed happy, serene and calmed, while the others went through life hidden among bars and chains.

And the Madman, would tell them: " If your riches do not buy your freedom and you do not have peace, then, your riches are not true."


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