The studies of Alchemy, gave careful consideration to the secrets of nature and the secrets of life, searching for the answer, to transform the dense and gross into fine , elevated and also searching for the source, the eclipse, panacea, eternal life.

Here, we will talk about the source, the root, the angular stone, the mystery of life and death. Alchemists searched for the key to order ( the loss word )  and the force, the essence or essences that move, express the multiplicity of form, characteristic and condition of life.  This is the reason, that analogies or meeting points between the external and the internal universe, were searched for.
And this is also the reason of so much symbolism related to Alchemy.
Nevertheless, Alchemy studies have as objective -as every real science have,
to reach plenitude.

This plenitude has to do with  total harmony, with full happiness, with control and power. Alchemy, then, found different ways to analyze the universe and man.
This is the reason, that the alchemist studied in depth, the principles of nature and man. He studied every detail of life and consequently, the structural sequence. Because life and its stages are in turn, maps, paths, structures to know, to discover, to reveal the experiences and facts, which are not isolated, nothing is. Everything interacts, everything is connected.

Man, the universe, health, disease, happiness, sadness, light, darkness, life and death. Everything is integrated, interpenetrated and makes possible one thing and another.  This may seem as an isolated event, by example :  A flower at the top of a cold and inhospitable mountain, which no one will ever see.

One in the universe . The universe in one. If at that particular season, the temperature of the environment, the humidity, wind, breeze, nutrients of the earth and geography per se, were not given in an adequate manner, then, the necessary coincidence would not be given.

Therefore, there is a flower because there is a sun that sustains her, because there is a universe that contains her and all is given within an equilibrium where chaos and order, life and death, essence and substance, background and form, as well as the whole, live.

Innumerable, almost infinite reasons must happen for something to exist. They are special and exquisite, proper and adequate  as a flavor, as the perfume, the essential oils  that  flowers have. And they are not accidental signs, but a established language. A creative principle, that plays with time and space and with the small and large elements of chemistry, of physics and life.

Alchemy is based in the principle of the study, in the mystery of union, in the equilibrium and balance of opposites. Its understanding is born from the  knowledge of the internal and external substances, like the internal humor or the rational or irrational thoughts.
The tradition of the mystic look is born from this profound observation, which is later converted into practical magic, the magic of essence, of the eclipse, of eternity.


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