Life, is the adventure of consciousness, the play of duality, the dream of illusion and also is the existence, which is finally brief  and ephemeral. Not many persons  live over one hundred years, not many minds, reach great understanding, life goes through experiences of mystery, confusion and loss. Selfishness, above all, cultivates vanity and arrogance, specially to the pure materialistic man.

The spiritual man lives in the world, and is not of the world, but he has the inner conviction of a superior existence. Such science and knowledge was not born from man for man, it was born of the power of God, who offers it out of Love for man, and this is established and developed through : The gift of a superior discernment, that makes possible the unselfishness in the spiritual service and the power in the most plentiful way as  " Miracle "  ( Conversion. )

Spiritual Discernment, makes us a living stream of Peace and Harmony, where nothing, then, can limit us,  captivates, or posses. (selfishness)  

The spiritual gift allows, to look beyond what's superficial and selfish and reveals,  the existence without time, life without dependence, the serene consciousness, the enamored soul of the spirit of love (God Himself)   Therefore, the spiritual gift, protects the most fragile area of life : The idea, criterion, reason,  since man, usually is hold by his space, by his criterion, power, ambition.
But not by  a lasting understanding. 

The first step towards the spiritual experience, is not in the mind  but in the heart since if it was alert, it would have discovered sooner, that there are two paths in life: materialism for materialism and the world as platform, as the stair to the meeting with Truth, to an understanding that does not change and to a lasting way of life, where the spiritual discernment is called: devotion, cause and motive of sanctity.

This is the path, the active principle, of the Gift of Discernment.


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