Every person, at some stage of his/her life, has assumed to know some information and knowledge and fervently believes to be absolutely right. But, after some time, realization comes that maybe he was a little mistaken, and later on, that he was completely mistaken and in total confusion, because of having done a simple analysis , without taking the time to go deeply into the subject, in order to appreciate the meaning and the study of the spiritual experience. 

They assume, following their emotions, which are feelings and attitudes that don't give enough real understanding and the experience is taken out of proportion, and presented with a boastful attitude, where we are losing the opportunity of having the experience or understanding of what is been offered to us.
And we assume that we know everything and besides, that we are capable of directing,  teaching and giving orientation, but without the necessary spiritual maturity. We easily find boastful erudite, who lack depth and who because of tasting a drop of salted water, believe that they own the sea. Every person, who wants to grow in spirituality, should not hurry in the acquisition of power, glory, or phenomenon.  They should not try to become a saint or guru in three days , but to realize that man is a creature that looks for the communion with his Creator, through Love.

But we are not as God.
We can love Him, in order to get His Grace and Compassion. And God, through His Sweet Wisdom, may teach us Truth, Justice and Love.  i only understand that God is my strength, my wealth, my happiness and i don't despise my humanity, but also know that man is a creature and not the Creator, and besides, God is Unique.

He loved me first. i trust in Him above all things, i love, honor and respect my Creator, but this is not a one day work or seminar. It is a commitment of life, forever and ever. There are wise men in life, but this is thanks to the  grace of God.


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