Life is a school in which we will learn or face the extremes of life itself in which death is found.

To live, also means to know death and many times in an extreme painful, sudden and unexpected way.
Death is always tragic and it leaves  us demoralized and hurt with a grief that seems to have no end.

Condemned to death but death is only a part of life, an aspect, a vision that we do not want to see; the confrontation with the deepest, most complex and abstract fear.
Death has two basic facets, my own death and the death of the ones who surround me,  the ones that I love, and care about. Can anybody be ready for this ?
Can we avoid to feel pain, anguish, suffering and the terrible lack of understanding that gives the loss, especially when this being is deeply loved and recognized.
Man has the intrinsic knowledge that death is the abandonment, the separation from the loved one. And it is here where loneliness becomes cruel. Nothing is able to give strength, to accompany, to bring consolation.
That is why the Spiritual Science does not offer consolation not even a total or partial comprehension but only accompanies us in the reflection. 
We win and lose, we are born and die in different circumstances and every day a little more. If the spirit is truly real, then death is the threshold, as a curtain separates us from an environment to the other and prevents us from seeing what is beyond.
Death is very real, absolute and controlling. What can defend us from her is not life itself not even our personal, doctrinal , metaphysical or spiritual knowledge.
Because it does not make us indifferent or absent from death. But knowledge allows us to know that strength can only come from the center of the Creator of Life, if it does not come from God, there is no possible inner strength.
Death is an experience that God can  help us recognize, to live and to overcome. There is no other option because God is known thorough faith and faith is a titan who can fight against the mystery, against the unknown, against what's most indomitable, that which we can't even pronounce, that which will debilitate us completely.
Nobody ever expects that death will snatch the treasures of life : Children, partner, parents. This, then, needs the presence of a superior power and this superior power is contacted through the dynamics of faith, which is Prayer.
Death cuts, separates, divides from the loved ones.

What does faith do, how does it solve this separation, how does it solve the absence of the loved one ?
Faith and death are so different, so irreconcilable. They join to say to man about a science that will open his heart and will allow him to overcome all the forms of death.

How is this possible, how can the insurmountable be overcome ?

When  faith acts, the consciousness of man stops perceiving the world of his senses only, and begins to realize that life is something more than matter.
That the body, senses, ideas, thought, life, have a magnitude and a dimension. Its value takes root in being genuine, really authentic, in sum this means : Identity.
This must be understood as what is real.

It is a fact that death is watching but the spirit lives and will live beyond death. Nevertheless, when faith and death join, they say to us many things. If it is inevitable to die, would not also be to take care of the loved one ?

There is something more important than to understand how serious life is and then to ask ourselves, what do we do. Do we truly share , do we truly give ? What is the use of accumulating, when is much better to participate?

What is the meaning of vanity, power and control in front of death ? We also realize all the big gaps, the arrogance, the distance and the stupidity of the egoism.  

How many times we deny a hug, a kiss. How many times we were not there to listen, to forgive, to accept ?
Death teaches us a great deal. And this  is when we talk about natural death but how horrible is when death is induced, takes place, materializes, is planned and decided.
Man has moved away so much from faith!

War by example or crime, torture, abortion. How can all this be conciliated ?

Death and faith together and separated have so much to teach to life and what is more redeemable here, is :

To be able to live as a step to die.

God's knowledge is not to be taken only as  consolation but as the understanding that we all walk to the abode of the spirit.

And above fortunes, castles and authorities, there is the simple, deep and practicing life of good, peace and Love because it will be the only thing that will remain alive since what is worldly will return to the world and what is of God , will return to God.
This is the revealed secret of  life without death, of  life in God. That the spirit is Divine breath.

He only transformed his superior image and in his real essence, his conscience will prevail forever in eternity.



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