What is sexuality ? Sexuality is the intimate art of the couple's relationship, which makes an unity out of duality.
How important is sexuality ?

Sexuality is an activity which is human and natural, that is to say, it is given in other species and has a very definite purpose, which is the reproduction of the species.

But in turn, from the spiritual perspective, sexuality has a multiple meaning in the human being, which allows to express, to know and to reveal pleasure through love.

In other words, it is not only the satisfaction of the senses since the communion of the souls is even more important, which means that is necessary to reveal that sexuality must not be a taboo but rather, a way of expression and superior relationship for the couple.

Since, sexuality allows the discovery and intimate expression of the human consciousness at many levels : To accept and been accepted.

All this between a frame of dignity and happiness, in good account means that sexuality is the opening of the natural tenderness in the body and in the mind, in the feelings and in the Love of the couple.


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