Many persons suppose that consciousness is unique and indispensable, inseparable and absolute.  But  consciousness is formed by structures and levels of the mind. Understanding this, as self reasoning, that is to say, " I can see myself " but this
" to see me "  is also as " to see me through who saw me."

That's why consciousness always depends on the environment. And is the  preferential state of the perception of the environment through my cognitive senses which are not the same in every person, but there is some similarity.

Nevertheless consciousness  has great intensities and this allows a better or worse adaptation to the environment. 

Consciousness as such, begins from the function of " to think " which is directly related with the function of " to act ," having as a result complications of interaction.  

Consciousness must have intention of action and thought and direction of method. Otherwise, it simply is a reflected answer.

When we speak of a more complete consciousness, we use to call this, human consciousness, which  refers to the person and to all the combination of strategy, association and relationship, established in each of the thoughts, that directly or indirectly commonly relate with a psychological state, which we called
 " I. "

This consciousness of the " I " is formed by innumerable levels of consciousness and thoughts. And is really conscious as a level of intelligence, of self control of each of the grades in which the consciousness relates to.

By example, we have a result when we define a body in space, time and work.  This result produces judgment and with this judgment, consciousness develops or dies.  Besides, that consciousness develops preferences and with these characteristics, such as : typical, classic, specific, which derive to a position, which later is known as ethics, moral, virtues or values of consciousness. These are usually called levels of consciousness.

But, what is  consciousness ?  It is an active and defined answer in front of the environment with a very clear position of what I am not, of what I don't want.
Also, much is talked about spiritual consciousness.  This term, is often confused, and persons using conceptual dreams, try to define and think they know about this subject.

Consciousness is that identity which has a very clear and active definition of itself. 
Consciousness, is active as far as been independent and interdependent. All this is because consciousness  is a result of the experiences -called memory, by which, all other levels of consciousness surge. In reality, all this levels of consciousness surge from a primary experience in all the different sensorial levels of consciousness, either from the body, the emotions, thoughts, and abstractions.

What is certain is  that consciousness  will stay as mystery which all will resolve.  And the fact of defining it, because of the particular of developing each action or each thought, dignifies or deteriorates the consciousness.  For this clear reason, the environment is a predominant factor in the development of the individuals, since the environment, easily perverts consciousness.

The person who has been exposed to horror, tragedy and violence, may consider those as something natural.  

Then, we said that consciousness is immobile, very fragile and vulnerable and is affected by time, space and many other factors that make consciousness not the best real perception. That is why consciousness usually suffers crisis in its development, even factors such as endocrine, psychological, social and cultural can affect the development of consciousness, as well as nutrition and habitat.

It is really very vast the susceptibility of  consciousness. Now, there are factors of great importance, clearly called, spirituals. And these does not fall in the category of mental consciousness but of other consciousness, which clearly shares attributes with mental consciousness.  

But there are great differences that in many cases, must draw a line of separation because together don't cause the right synergy and right definition.   

Then, these spiritual and mental consciousness must go through a process of adaptation very well established.

Let's say that a person in meditation, may feel that she is elevating. But, does this  -physically speaking, mean that the person can fly ? 

Of course not, but spiritually speaking,  this person has more perceptions, which are very real. 

The person may even feel that she can communicate with deceased persons. But in time and space, this ability of speaking with the dead does not belong to many persons, who let's say, can interchange consciousness. But, these are existential dimensions, which are very different and well defined.

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