Genuine love is the one capable of sacrifice. When we love, of course, that we want to be reciprocated. But genuine love is capable of looking for a response, not only in the plenitude of the loved one. Then, love, which is not only poetry, turns into a heroic surrender which is also the reason of the spiritual love.

This love is capable of giving everything without asking anything in return. This kind of love is sincere, selfless and takes the perfume of its own wound which offers by being silent but in turn, is deeply interested in the loved one.

A love like this, does not reclaim neither says: "I need you" but rather says: " What do you need?"
It does not say:  " Look at my eyes" but says: " I only see your eyes"
It does not say: " Let's be happy" but rather says: " Be happy"

Love, then, has become spiritualized, even beyond desire, transcending the human aspect. Just as the wood when it lives on and becomes one with the fire. Love by being love, does not see itself any longer. It does not have image, face, not even an own heart any more, because it has given everything and is now in the loved one.


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