The thing that  hurts love the most, is to try to change it because it will turn into something that is not love. By example: A beautiful bird with lovely feathers. It flies very high, doing pirouettes in the air. If I want to put it in a lovely cage made out of gold and pearls, then it will not be able to fly, and this is as love wither away.

Let's see another example: A beautiful river with so much water that seems to sing, but if I want to make a dam, I will contain it and that river will turn into an artificial lake. Its joy, dies in front of the concrete. We know so little, we appreciate so little and we care so little for the things that we say we love. That beautiful tree with great branches, tomorrow will be my table, my desk.

I will cut the branches and will make firewood  and no flowers will come out of its fire. Why are we like that?
Just like a crown of thorns. To love is to steal the dignity of the loved one maybe? To love is to share, to smile. To love is to unite and to never separate. If you cry, I will be your tears. If you are happy, I will be your smile.

Let's allow the birds to fly as high as they want to. The river to flow. Let's respect the feelings and thoughts.

Love does not grow in ties of suffocation but in trust, in the fidelity of being as natural, original, spontaneous, radiant as the eternal first time where love was born.


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 Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.

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