I heard a fascinating story some time ago which is certainly symbolic but has so much truth that I would like to share it.
This story tells us about a very sick, sad and hurting heart that went to a Clinic of Hearts where he had to be hospitalized as a true emergency; and there he found other hearts suffering also of many diseases; some seemed completely broken, others were bleeding, others were crying.

After some days, he was transferred to different sections, where he always found hurting hearts and in time he met many more.
He was happily surprised, when he found out that they all recovered by being taken care in a personal and careful way. And although many had been in crisis, they all finally healed.

The medicine was miraculous since they all completely recovered in time. And this heart went to see the director of the clinic to congratulate and ask him since he had seen broken hearts and after the treatment they all completely healed. What was the medication that was curing them all? These questions and concerns would get an answer.

The director of the clinic was a strong and magnificent heart as were the others working in that clinic.
What is the medication given here that heals the broken hearts?
And that director of the clinic who was a worthy and strong heart, completely healthy said: "Besides determination and dedication, we also offer here a sure medication, since we have not lost not even a case. Come, let's go to the laboratory and I'll show the formula."

They went and the director asked him to look through the microscope, saying: " This is the formula that will heal all the broken and mistreated hearts, even the ones close to death."
And that heart looked into the microscope and read a phrase, that was the secret key, the golden formula, which said: " In order to cure a broken heart, it is only needed to believe in Love again."


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