The story of life is lost in the infinity of eternity but there is something not far but very near and that something is your presence and my presence. And is not by chance that we are facing each other. Time will keep passing by and what is now a mountain, tomorrow will be a plain. And the plain will become river and the sea will become desert.

The mountain, in time, will be a plain again but this instant will stay, it is brief and transient like a cloud traveling the sky, like a drop of water diluting in the dry earth. And this fragile present which is like ice in front of the sun will become stronger because there is something which will sustain it beyond everything since it sustains everything.

This is not the all itself but the Love by whom all things exist. And in this way things become real. But today is the moment of love and your heart and my heart are nothing but a stone  compared to heaven and heaven is in front of the stone. Distance or separation are no important. Love is what is important.

Love is the capacity of acceptance not only because I can see you but because I can listen to you even within myself. I know that my words travel with the wind but their meaning will always be present in you.

To love is to love each other breaking frontiers, limits and even passions. And this is not passion; Love is as different as fire is from water. But in that difference there is less distance, each time, because of Love, who is the seed of eternal rebirth.
Eternity has been born between you and me forever.
All this is possible because God is Love.


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 Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.

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